Recruitment and Technology

Our dependency on technology and gadgets is so far fletched in our lives that we can’t spend a few hours away from our gizmos! Like we don’t stand in one place to attend a call, we don’t stand in lines to buy tickets for the movies we wish to see, we don’t even need a ‘book’ to actually read a book anymore!

The world is changing and so are we!

Traditional method of work is replaced with high end gadgets and new tools, however, the task of deciding who is fit enough to work for the organization or what talents and skills should be present in the probable employee cannot be solely left on an application on our computers or smartphones! The recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It uses tools and technologies like applicant tracking system and video interviewing for easier and better talent search, however, the industry doesn’t depend exclusively on these applications for their work. The recruiters work on their instincts! And the organization depends on these instincts to choose the best talent for the probable position in the company.

It’s true that with time many changes in the selections and methods of choosing a candidate has changed in the recruitment industry and technology evolved, cutting out on man power but the industry can hardly function if it was to be totally depend on automatic methods of technology!

Adding to your recruitment business!

Recruitment is a tricky business. You have to lure in the talent, make them see our vision while understanding their demands. And with the millennial, who are always on the go, the recruiters need to be on the go too! College fresh outs and young people are searching for jobs and positions using their phones, however, in a recent survey it was revealed that 81 per cent (4 out of 5) Indian talent acquisition leaders do not use mobile recruiting tools. Even though Indian recruiters are strongly using technologies like applicant tracking system and video interviewing, it was revealed in the survey that the low use of mobile recruiting tools will soon be acting as a hindrance in their pursuit of great talent for their companies! Changes are inevitable, therefore the sooner the acceptance of technology in recruitment processes the better chances of hiring !!!



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