Digital Age Recruitment – How to Survive?

Digital Era

Our dependency on technology and gadgets is so far fetched in our lives that we can’t spend a few hours away from our gizmos! Like we don’t stand in one place to attend a call, we don’t stand in lines to buy tickets for the movies we wish to see, we don’t even need a ‘book’ to actually read a book anymore! The world is changing and so are we!

Traditional method of work is replaced with high end gadgets and new tools and the recruitment industry is no different. Automation is taking over and along with it guarantees job cuts. Companies are now more focused using tools and technologies like AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Holograms, Video interviewing,  for easier and better talent search.

Finding the Weakest Link

Whats lacking in Technology is the Human touch. Neural networks can mimic our cognitive behavior but they can never sympathize or empathize the way we human do. The recruiters work on their instincts! And organization depends on these instincts to choose the best talent for the probable position in the company. It’s true that with time many changes in the selections and methods of choosing a candidate has changed in the recruitment industry and technology evolved, cutting out on man power but the industry can hardly function if it was to be totally depend on automatic methods of technology!

The task of deciding who is fit enough to work for the organization or what talents and skills should be present in the probable employee cannot be solely left on an application on our computers or smartphones!

How do we survive this change?

Technology may not replace us at the moment but technology is evolving and while it makes recruiting easier we need to focus and educate ourselves on Strategic Recruiting roles where technology can assist in the decision making and humans make the decisions.

  • Focus on Employer branding

There is no doubt that the internet holds a great power in every decision we make today, we look for the pros and cons and options for everything that we have to decide upon! Therefore the branding of the company and its presence on the internet attracts a lot of job seekers and hence it becomes the task of the recruitment agency to build around a brand of its company to seek the best of talents.

  • Use of Talent Analytics will increase

Recruitment is often based on the instincts of the recruiters and there were no technical formula for this selection! However experts of this field believe that professionals will by side this traditional method and will look for a more intelligent way that would enable these people to turn everyday data into recruiting intelligence.

  • Employers will broaden their sourcing scope

It is often that people have the required degree for a job but not the right talent; it has thus been causing the recruitment professionals a great inconvenience! They have to now taken a step to improve this and widened their sourcing scope and have become more creative with their hiring tricks.

  • HR will look to repair the Candidate experience

The HR has been accused for lacking engagement with its candidates after an initial contact which often leads to the candidates feeling unacknowledged and upset. The HR managers are now however being trained and told to be active with their candidates and keep them updated and remain in touch till the end of the process.

PS: Not against Technology in Recruitment

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