Recruitment Industry – Defined!

What’s the one thing that is common in all industries irrespective of its type or service?

It’s the lookout for the best people to do their work, the companies regardless of their type or service, always tend to hire the best talent available to remain ahead of their competition.

It is believed that the main occupation of the Human Resource management is ‘Recruiting’ or ‘Hiring’. Recruitment is the attracting, selecting and appointing of suitable candidates for jobs in a company, the whole process has now been evolved into an industry altogether. So much so that the Recruitment Industry in India is growing at the rate of 21% per year and according to latest statistics it is worth Rs.35, 000 crores! This growth can be attributed to the fact that India has been proving itself as the leading developing nation at various global platforms and a hot favorite amongst investors worldwide.

The easing of FDI laws in departments like Retail, Insurance and Aviation has insured the rise in this industry as various organizations depend on recruitment agencies to hire new talent. Due to these various investments that have been increasing from the last 5-10 years, India has cleared path for new industries and expansion in the existing ones!


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